Please note, the measurements are in inches.

If you are between sizes, please select the larger size.

It is important to measure your head accurately before ordering your wig. If you have any doubt please contact us.

Wig size information.

To determine your correct size:

1. First, flatten your hair

2.Use a tape measure

3. Take the measurements twice to be sure

4. Be careful not to stretch the tape measure as this can give an inaccurate measurement.

Step 1 - Around the head

Place the tape measure on the front of your head following your hairline. We advise leaving a small margin of 1cm when measuring, because a slightly large wig size can be adjusted, whereas a small size cannot. 

Step 2 - Front to back

Measure from the top of the forehead where you want to put the wig, to the nape of the neck.

Step 3 - From ear to ear

Either place the tape measure from the crown or from one ear to the back of the other ear.







Wig Size


Head Circumference

Front to Back Ear to Ear
S 53 cm 33,65 cm 33 cm
S / M 54 cm 35 cm 33,65 cm
M 54,60 cm 36 cm 34,30 cm
M / L 56,50 cm 37,50 cm 35 cm
L 58 cm 40 cm 35,50 cm