FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What colors are available?

We have a wide variety of colors to choose from our collection.

What are the wigs made from?

Our wigs are made of 100% natural Virgin hair where we make an effort to offer the highest quality with a long durability, they are sewn by hand and by machine.

Wigs are made both by hand and by machine depending on the type of wig you choose with a lace that offers you a versatility that allows you to comb your hair in any style, be it Bowls, tails or braids, without worrying that someone will notice  you wear a wig because no one will notice. There is enough lace on the front to ensure a seamless transition.

What are the different density options?

We offer densities from 130%,150%,180% and 200%. Check our blog post on wig density to learn more.

What sizes do they come in?

Our wigs come in Small, Medium and Large. Each wig comes with two adjustable elastic straps on the back that fit all head shapes and with 4 combs on the back of each wig, allowing for perfect head support.

How much do the wigs cost?

Prices vary according to the length, density and color of the wig. Our wigs vary in length from 8 inches long up to 26 inches long. From 28 to 30inches long requires a special order. 

How do I make a special order?

To place a special order, notify the customer service department by sending a request with your specifications by e-mail to josliwigs@gmail.com.

How do I put the wig on?

We will send you a guide containing the step by step instructions along with your wig. You can also view our guides on Youtube and on our blog.

Do you provide wig fitting services?

Not currently, but we may introduce this service in the future.

Do you deliver to every country?

Yes we deliver to all countries and your wig should arrive within 1-3 days within Spain and 3-5 days outside Spain depending on the time of shipment. 

Can I wash, straighten or curl my wig?
Of course. The wig can be treated like it's your own hair. You'll get our instruction book on how to keep your wig step by step every day to get a long duration.