Lilieth Joseph

Posted on March 02 2020

Why lace wigs shed and tangle



Many People expect human hair wigs to be tangless and shedless expecially when the wig is expensive. But sorry to prove you wrong. The truth is all human hair wigs will always tangle and shed as long as you wear and wash them. It depends on how they are processed and how you maintain them.  You cannot prevent them from tangling and sheding  but you can make efforts to prolong their life span with accurate maintenance.

So here are the reasons why human hair wigs tangle and shed so you can take care of your wig.



1) Chemical treatment process causes sheding:  Most hair goes through chemical treatment process except virgin hair. Virgen hair means the hair is 100% natural and unprocessed. Some manufacturers put the hair into silicon to remove those cuticles and make the hair more silky or give bright colors to the hair. Those chemicals will undoubtedly damage the strands and hair knots, which causes the wig to breaks and shed. 

2) Human hair wigs lack natural oil: Lace wigs lack the natural oils produced by human body.  Those natural oils help smooth and soften your hair, preventing dryness-induced tangling and sheding issues. We recommend You wash and moisturize with good shampoo and deep conditioner. 

3) Different cuticle directions causes tangling: Human hair strand constitutes medulla, cortex and cuticle. Cuticle is the most substance associated with tangle problem of human hair wigs. if the hair strands are facing different directions, friction will occur within cuticles of human hair and easily cause tangling problem. These misaligned cuticles often happen during hair collecting and manufacturing process.



4) Heat styling tools: Flat irons, dryers and any other heat styling tools can cause dryness. The more heat your lace wigs are exposed to, the more tangling and shading your wig will get. Air drying wigs are better for moisture retention. Thats why we recommend air drying your wig instead of blowdrying it. But it acceptable to use heat styling tools on low heat mode. We recommend using protective sprays on your hair before using these tools for a safer approach.

5) The way you comb your hair: You may not realize that the way crush your wig also matters. Do not brush or pull your hair roughly and be especially gentle when you style. Treat your wig like your own natural hair. Thinking your lace wigs won't be hurt even if you brush them roughly is obviously wrong.

Lace wigs are made so delicate as far as how the hair is ventilated into the lace cap. You have to be very careful when combing. Just combing the hair too much also can cause this issue especially when you start combing from where the knots are. To help prevent breakage, gently detangle the hair, starting from the ends and gradually working up to your roots.














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